Decadent Remote Control Vibrating Dual Bullets

This fantastic pair of vibrating bullets from Decadent consistently get top reviews from our customers. This toy consists of a love egg and a smaller clitoral stimulator which can both be controlled via the remote from over 6 metres away.

The bullet is the perfect size to slip into your underwear and buzz again your clitoris while the love egg gives nice deep throbbing vibrations. The combination of the two will have you squirming in delight!

This toy is perfect for teasing and turning on your partner whilst out in public and will super charge you sex life. Go on, give it a try! Your love life will never be the same again.

Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg

The Lyla 2 remote control vibrating love egg is the ultimate in naughty sex play between couples. Using SenseMotion technology this exciting toy can be worn internally or externally and has a discreet wireless remote than can be activated up to 12 metres away. Made from 100% ultra smooth silicone, this love egg provides intense vibrations and can be enormous fun for use in public or private situations. Hand over control to your partner and let them tease you with the various settings!

Love Honey Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg

This remote control vibrating love egg from Love Honey packs a powerful punch. It comes with 3 different speeds and 7 vibration patterns which range from gentle buzz to intense vibrations that are sure to satisfy the most demanding lover.

The intuitive remote control allows you or your lover ultimate control over the speed and intensity to bring you to climax or tingling on the edge of orgasm. The love egg itself is so smooth and sleek, it is a pleasure to touch and comes in a velvety finish, which is ideal for clitoral or g-spot stimulation.

Tracey Cox Supersex Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg

Tracey Cox, the tv sexpert, brings you her super sexy remote control vibrating love egg.

The supersex love egg is amazingly smooth and the perfect size to use for internal or clitoral stimulation. The motor provides an array of 7 speeds and various vibration patterns ranging from a gentle buzz to a powerful orgasmic throb and the remote control has a huge range.

The vibrations on this love egg are very discreet which makes it perfect for public use. Slip the love egg inside and pass control to your lover and let the pleasure begin! The ultimate tease toy!

Fresh 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg

These stylish and powerful love eggs are made from soft touch material and provide 10 different speed vibrations for pulse quickening pleasure.

This toy is ideal for a couple wanting to try something new and have some spontaneous fun. The remote control has a super long range to allow you to tease your partner and drive them into a sexual frenzy.

The love eggs have a super long range and are ideal for anyone who wants to try something spontaneous and fun. The only problem you’ll have is hiding your excitement!

Doc Johnson Love Egg with Wired Controller

This love egg is fantastic for beginners and provides a unique introduction into this sex toy genre.

The simple and classic design consists of a twist dial controller which is used to vary the intense vibrations while the love egg can be used externally on your erogenous zones or internally for deep stimulation. The two parts are attached by a wire, but this is hardly noticeable during use.

Combine this love egg with a bullet vibrator and you’ll be blown away!

Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System

The fabulous set of Luna Pleasure Balls from Lelo will give you intense sensations and incredible orgasms. Used over time they will develop your muscular control through strengthening the circum vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.

The box set includes two sets of beads which are differently weighted and provide subtle vibrations which allow you to build resistance over time and have fun while exercising.

There are many health benefits from performing daily kegel exercises, such as preventing stress and heightening orgasms, so why wait. Get your set of Pleasure Beads today!

Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls

These Supersex Toner Balls are a win win for any discerning sex toy enthusiast. They can be used anytime as no-one can tell you are wearing them and the more you use them the better your sex life will become.

The weighted kegel balls will take your sexual pleasure to new heights and deliver an incredible internal workout. They will provide you with the ability to have greater control over your orgasms and his too. Simply squeeze your pelvic floor muscles around the toner balls and increase your strength and stamina.

The set includes a drawstring bag for convenient storage and both kegel balls are completely skin safe.

Buy your set today!

Feelztoys Desi Pure Silicone Love Eggs

The Feelztoys set of love eggs will provide you with sensational pleasure while at the same time exercising your pelvic floor muscles. These silicone toner balls are weighted to provide just enough resistance and super smooth for maximum comfort.

The balls are dual texture with the inner pink balls providing a new sensation. The strong and stretchy silicone removal cord sits against the body while in use.

Improve your sex life and your health at the same time!